I highly suggest you listen to this video before you scroll down. It will make you fall in love with this couple in an instant. Trust me.  

This photo session was set in Summerfield Farms in Summerfield, NC where Amanda is grew up. Chris is from Kernersville which is about half an hour away so this was the perfect landscape to describe their roots and where they came from. The props (vintage luggages, quilts, including her brown jacket) you see are not from a thrift store or borrowed but they actually belong to Amanda's grandma. 


The Firebird.  

This stunning vehicle has proven steadfast over the years that they've been dating. I can't begin to describe Amanda without mentioning the Firebird for sure. At the end of the photo session, I asked if they could sing a song together. Amanda and I use to sing together on a ministry team in college and how I have missed her voice! Combined with Chris, it was hard to keep my hands steady for a one take. I was bursting with joy inside because of how this couple has and will bless others. 



Chris and Amanda have been leading music in churches for years now and are some of the most faithful and humble people I know. Their loyalty is truly something I admire - both having hearts of gold and are true servants to the people around them.  


I was sad to say goodbye to these two but was super excited at the same time knowing that I was about to get in my car and continue a long drive listening to their recording. (By the way, they chose the song Waterfall during the photo shoot and we filmed it in one take without rehearsing.)

Sure enough, they led me into a worshipful moment and continued to do so while I was post processing. Needless to say, this couple is the real deal. I love them deeply and am so proud to call them my friends.