Here's a song I just finished writing today, I've been producing this track for quite a while now and never really had the time to sit down and finish writing it till today.

I grew up around the coast and our family vacations would consist mostly of trips to the Islands nearby and that's how I've fallen in love with anything ocean. . I love anything that sounds like waves, sand, and the ocean breeze and the melody and chords in this tune just reminds me of it. 

May be a sad love song but I love times in life that have made me who I am today, I'm thankful nevertheless. 

If you at all interested in downloading this free rough demo, you can head on over to my soundcloud here

Hope you like it! 



If I had a dollar for every time you broke  my heart I'd be a millionaire

It's always a surprise I can never get ready for the silence in the air

You'd be the first  when I'd try to bring up conversations that we needed

Deep inside I'm glad you did, thinking back it never would've started

Oh you, can see through my heart

(My heart) Was open, You left it cold and broken

Not even time and distance

Nothing would've fixed this

I had given up on you

My yesterday love



Took you for a walk around the neigborbood

To tell you how I felt all this time

This two way street was empty all along

& ever since I've been driving my way away

Oh I, had to save, my heart



So closed was my eyes to what could have been

That's when I started moving on

My sun was shining brighter

I could say goodbye to you

My yesterday love



I should've known better than to never stick around

But I was hoping, waiting that you'd one day turn around

But now I know secret

if you wanna be loved

You gotta find it in anothers heart