Couple months ago on the way to my friend Tim's house for a random sleepover I decided to issue a challenge for ourselves. 

In 12 hours: 

  • Write A Song
  • Record & Mix it
  • Create artwork
  • & post it on Noisetrade for a free download

As soon as I told Tim about it it was ON. We started writing at around 8, didn't get anything but a melody for a tag so we headed for a place Tim's been going secretly for fun which happened to be a power plant by the James River in the middle of nowhere. We brought our guitars and we came back at around 11pm with a verse and a chorus. 

12-2am: Finished writing the song in this studio

2-4am: Recorded vocals, guitars and cello.

5-7am: Tim mixed it and added MIDI tracks while I went upstairs to design the artwork. 

By 8am it was on Noisetrade available for download. 

You can download the song here. The single also features a song called Sound of the Rivers that I wrote with Tim as well. 

Couple months later as we were on a roadtrip cross the country, after years of having it as a desktop wallpaper we arrived at Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur, CA. We managed to record a live version of the song with the help of our Justin who has never done video before. It is still one of my favorite songs that I've written so far, hope you like it! 

(P/S - we were approached by Noisetrade to be a featured artist but unfortunately I had to tell them that we are a fake band and have no money to advertise with them)