My friend Emery Grace Brock turned one and on the morning of her birthday party I just felt like writing a song for her as a gift so here it is!

You can also download it for free here!


I have a friend that's turning one today

And even though she doesn't know my name,

She's brought me joy and this is my gift to her,   

So without further a due, I present my song to you

Happy birthday Emery from uncle Colin to you


You're soft as a snowflake on a winters day

You're drop of sunshine on the month of may

You spring up like a flower and I love it when you

You fall in my arms

When its chilly outside you're the fireplace

You're a cup of sweet tea, you're the icing on a cake

You're the star of my Christmas tree


When your mommy gets tired or when daddy's away,

Cedar's outside and there's no one to play

I hope this song puts a smile on your face

when its the first day of school, or when your friends are rude

You had a big fall and you're missing a tooth

Know we think you're beautiful anyway 



My favorite melody

I can't wait for you to sing with me