I went to a taco shop last week and it changed my whole business model. 

As soon as we parked there was a huge mural that painted: when you buy a meal, we give a meal. 

My mind started racing. 

How does that work? Do they make an extra taco to go when I buy one? I wonder what their profit margin is... I wanna know how! 

I ordered my tacos which were amazing btw (get the counselor) and asked the cashier how it worked. What I learned blew my mind. It was so simple, so powerful, and so painfully obvious. 22 cents of my meal goes to feed a meal with their partner in Honduras. 22 cents! That means that my meal could've fed 38 meals on average. A first grader could afford this! 

And if a first grader could get involved, I want to be involved. Then I was hit with another thought, who can I contribute to? Who do I even email? 

I quickly remembered that I have been to Guatemala twice and have visited campos de suenos, a local community center in a small village called Santa Maria de Jesus. You can read all about it here

The biggest building in town is Campos De Suenos, what a tangible symbol of hope!

Here's what moved me. It costs $165 for a child to have an education for the whole year, and that may mean the first of the family to have an education. An education is what will bring long lasting impact for generations to come and release the family from poverty. 

We now live in a time where the average wedding budget is about 20k which is amazing! Love should be celebrated extravagantly as it reflects the love of God and it's a mirror to his union with us... but what if $165 of that could provide a kid with a school uniform, books, utensils, and most of all - HOPE that he or she will change their future. 

My current goal is to provide 10 students with a year of Education! That's a total of $1650 in 2017, which is so attainable. In the future, I'd like to go to Guatemala and photograph these children for an annual photo day! How fun would that be!  


 Swimming under two volcanoes at Lake Atitlán! Join us!

Swimming under two volcanoes at Lake Atitlán! Join us!

If you are getting married soon or know somebody that is, send them our way and we hope to be the best fit!

If you are a freelance creative, photographer, designer, or just someone who would like to join me in raising $1650 or more, let me know and I can answer more in depth questions you may have. 

CM + Campos De Suenos