After a winter hiatus, I finally picked up the camera a couple weeks ago to photograph these two. As a new year of weddings and engagements has arrived, this was by far the perfect re-entry into the season. Blake & Jonathan were such a joy to capture, they even agreed to meet us 2 hours away in the mountains! 

We hiked up hundreds of stairs, braved the piercing cold wind, and yet they were so comfortable and joy-filled in our time together. This is what Jonathan said about our shoot.

When I was younger, pictures seemed to be punishment. I HATED them. I must say yesterday was a TOTALLY different experience. My beautiful bride-to-be @eb_davis and myself were fortunate enough to spend the afternoon and evening with a remarkable couple. They connected with us on many more levels than just taking pictures of us. If there is anyone needing ANY types of pictures taken for any reason, there is none out there that can beat this team. It was definitely an encouraging evening while leading up to a marriage, talking about life struggles and what the Lord has done in our lives. We can't thank you guys enough for what you did for us, and for the HUGE part you're going to play at our wedding. Look forward to seeing you guys again soon!! 

I CANNOT wait to photograph their wedding in April, stay tuned for more!