Hey friends!

*asian bow*

Thanks for constantly interacting with and coming back to the blog, I am always humbled to see the number of people that love these photographs. I will posting a series of blogs soon of our trip to California last Thanksgiving as a ramp-up towards the Spring/Summer Wedding Season. I hope these pictures awaken your desire to adventure this Summer!

We started our journey in the city of San Francisco with our friends Phil & Cali. Phil is my best friend who serves at two churches in the Bay area and Cali is one heck of a photographer herself. Together, we did all the things that tourists do when you're in a city, but then added a day trip out to Big Sur. I got to go to Big Sur with Phil and a bunch of our friends on a road trip we did couple years back and the magic of that place still captivates me.

Enjoy part one of the california series! 




.....and just a little preview for Part Two. We visited the glorious Yosemite National Park as well as the legendary Muir Woods. Stay tuned!