THIS wedding. 

One of a kind. Once in a lifetime is how I can best describe it. There's something special when a family invites their closest friends and head to a remote beach for a week to simply celebrate. Even if there were no photos of that week, I'm pretty sure every there would remember how beautiful it was. Thankfully, we do and I am floored to be able to photograph an event so meaningful and unique as this one.


It took us 10 hours to get to the house and that includes 25 minutes of driving on sand and getting stuck in sand 3 times but once we arrived it was WORTH IT. Folks normally pay a lot of money to go on Wild Horse tours but the horses decided to come out and were everywhere on the beach when we took portraits. What?! Enough said, enjoy these photos. 

I got to photograph Hailey's sister, Hannah in the same dress their mom and grandmother wore on their wedding day. I had the honor to photograph Hailey joining the legacy that morning. 

We took a break in the afternoon and festivities continue at sunset. The colors of the sky were incredible that day, they were different every where we turned and all these images were taken in a span of 20 minutes. The night ended with thunder and lightning in the sky but that didn't stop anyone.  

Hailey & Garrett,

Thanks for trusting me and letting me part of your big day. I hope these images will serve as a reminder of your love for each other for all the years to come.