Meg celebrated her first Mother's Day this year and I planned a day trip for us to Charleston and her first Mother Daughter Session! We've had Charlotte for about 5 months now and I'm so proud of how my wife has gracefully stepped into the role of a mother. Though there have been a lot of slow days of adjusting to our new rhythm, she manages to wake Charlotte up with excitement & a warm bottle ready, spends hours researching and learning all about Charlotte's growth, & takes her to play dates & on long walks. You name it, she's doing it. 

I'm so proud of the mom that you have become and I can't wait to see her be a women of strength, joy and character because of the time and love you are investing in her. I love the way you care for Charlotte, learning her every move and rhythm, letting your phone fill up with videos and pictures of her many little milestones, and even watching videos and reading blogs about caring for her skin and hair! You are such an amazing & beautiful Mom Meg, I couldn't ask for a better women to leave a legacy with! Happy First Mother's Day!